2022 EECCOA Challenge Project Guidelines & Project Building Workbooks

​EECCOA is a project-based science education program of the MERITO Foundation that empowers students to address climate change and the removal of the Matilija Dam. The EECCOA Challenge provides students the opportunity to research, design, and innovate to increase energy efficiency, water conservation, reduce waste, or develop Matilija Dam removal awareness campaigns that inform their communities. We hope you are up for the challenge!


Once you find out what type of project (tier) you want to propose (energy, water, waste, or outreach on Matilija Dam), download the corresponding EECCOA Challenge Project Building Workbook below. You can use the EECCOA Project Builders below to guide your project design and also inform you how many points each section (step) of the project is worth. The Project Builders also contain examples and links to additional resources.

For the EECCOA Challenge 2022, you will be able to develop an individual project to reduce waste production, water use, or increase energy efficiency in your home OR at your school.

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